Classics Spin Redux

  1.  Pym:  The Sweet Dove Died
  2. John Galsworthy:  The Forsyte Saga
  3. Laurie Colwin:  Family Happiness
  4. Thomas Mann:  Death in Venice
  5. Trollope:  The Prime Minister
  6. Ibsen:  The Wild Duck
  7. Hawthorne:  The Scarlet Letter
  8. Butler:  The Way of All Flesh
  9. Anthony Hecht:  Collected Poetry
  10. Melville:  Benito Cereno
  11. Henry James:  The Spoils of Poynton
  12. R.C. Hutchinson:  March the Ninth
  13. Anita Brookner:  Providence
  14. Thomas Hardy:  A Pair of Blue Eyes
  15. Thomas Mann:  Buddenbrooks
  16. Iris Murdoch:  Nuns and Soldiers
  17. Barbara Pym:  A Few Green Leaves
  18. Edith Wharton:  The Bunner Sisters
  19. Edith Wharton:  Summer
  20. Helen Vendler:  The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar

Author: Gubbinal

Bookish, tea-drinking cat-lady who loves great poetry and music and is in the midst of dying

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