Deal Me In: 1917 Challenge




I titled this entry 1917 Challenge.  That’s where my head is.  Let me revise it to the Deal Me In 2017 challenge.   I am planning to try some challenges this year, although I am not going to force myself to succeed.

Deal me in invites us to choose 52 short stories for the year and I am going to focus on four writers whose work I’ve long wanted to spend some time on.  Anton Chekhov, Katherine Mansfield, Flannery O’Connor, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Here’s my deck:

Clubs:  Chekhov:

  • 2 of clubs:  Death of a Clerk
  • 3 of clubs:  Small Fry
  • 4 of clubs:  The Huntsman
  • 5 of clubs:  A Malefactor
  • 6 of clubs:  The Requium  READ WEEK 6
  • 7 of clubs:  Anyuta
  • 8 of clubs:  The Bet
  • 9 of clubs:  Oysters
  • 10 of clubs:  The Grassshopper
  • Jack of clubs:  A Doctor’s Visit READ WEEK 5
  • Queen of clubs:  Who’s to Blame
  • King of Clubs:  The Ninny  READ WEEK 4
  • Ace of Clubs:  Gooseberries

Diamonds:  Katherine Mansfield

  • 2 of diamonds:  The Governness
  • 3 of diamonds:  Bliss
  • 4 of diamonds:  Je ne parly pas francais
  • 5 of Diamonds:  The Young Girl
  • 6 of diamonds:  The Stranger  READ WEEK 1
  • 7 of diamonds:  The Daughters of the late colonel  READ WEEK 7
  • 8 of diamonds:  Life of Ma Parker
  • 9 of diamonds:  The Singing Lesson
  • 10 of diamonds:  The Voyage
  • Jack of diamonds:  The Garden-Party
  • Queen of diamonds:  “Miss Brill”
  • King of diamonds:  “Marriage a la mode
  • Ace of diamonds:  The Doll’s House

Hearts:  Elizabeth Taylor

  • 2 of hearts:  “Taking Mother out”
  • 3 of hearts:  Spry Old Character  READ WEEK 11
  • 4 of hearts:  First Death of Her life  READ WEEK 3
  • 5 of hearts”  The Idea of Age  READ WEEK 2
  • 6 of hearts: Nods & Becks & Wreathed Smiles
  • 7 of hearts:  A Sad Garden’
  • 8 of hearts:  Shadows of the World
  • 9 of hearts:  The light of day
  • 10 of hearts:  Swan-moving
  • Jack of hearts:  A red-letter day  READ WEEK 10
  • Queen of Hearts:  Plenty Good Fiesta
  • King of Hearts:  I Live in a world of make believe
  • Ace of Hearts:  You’ll enjoy it when you get there  READ WEEK 9

Spades:  Flannery O’Connor

  • 2 of spades:  Judgement Day
  • 3 of spades:  Parker’s Back
  • 4 of spades:  Revelation
  • 5 of spades:  Why do the heathen rage?
  • 6 of spades:  The Lame Shall enter first
  • 7 of spades:  The Partridge Festival
  • 8 of spades:  Everything that rises must converge
  • 9 of spades:  The Comforts of home
  • 10 of spades:  The enduring chill
  • Jack of spades:  A view of the woods
  • Queen of spades:  Greenleaf  READ WEEK 8
  • King of spades:  You Can’t be any poorer than dead
  • Ace of spades:  Enoch and the Gorilla


I know that some of the most famous stories are not listed but that’s because I’ve read them recently.




Author: Gubbinal

Bookish, tea-drinking cat-lady who loves great poetry and music and is in the midst of dying

5 thoughts on “Deal Me In: 1917 Challenge”

  1. Thanks for trying the Deal Me In Challenge. I’ve read a lot of Chekhov and O’Connor, but not so much your other two authors. Good luck with the challenge!


  2. Flannery, I would like to read her.
    She was brave make to make the engine of much
    of her fiction her Irish – Catholicism using satire to comment on The South.
    Looking forward to your summations!


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